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Payment Solutions

Edge Capital offers a full suite of payment processing and business solutions, all under one roof. You don’t need to go anywhere else. Seamless integration with 100s of POS systems. We’re a one-stop shop. We have what you need.

So what’s the benefit of choosing Edge Capital? We control the entire process. We offer fast, flexible, and above all, friendly service. From expedited on-boarding to one-call issue resolution, our goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Merchant Processing

Edge Capital knows the credit card processing industry well and after working with a large number of merchant processing companies we can say the solutions Edge Capital offers are the most advantageous for small business owners. Edge Capital cares that you have the right hardware, the best solutions to run your business, and all the accessible help to ensure seamless processing. We never ask a business owner to sign a contract and we fight to get you the most competitive pricing.

Business Solutions

  • Being able to accept payments in any form including mobile commerce (iPhone, Android, Tablet) translates into happy customers and additional income.
  • Being billed fairly for credit card processing means saving money by eliminating secret, hidden and unfair fees.
  • Being able to leverage your processing volume for expansion capital seamlessly is what Edge Capital has mastered
  • Being able to reduce debt load with a painless solution for everything from vendors to car payments translates into significant cash flow improvement.
  • Being able to resolve customer service issues with one phone call brings an end to wasted time, frustrating transfers and endless menu options.

Helpful to know:

  • We make switching processors quick and simple, and most importantly an upgrade for your business.
  • Often times we can cover fees associated with cancelling current processing account.
  • Edge Capital only partners with the very best and most trustworthy Payment Solutions companies, as our reputation is on the LINE with you! Our partnerships with backend processors such as TSYS, Chase Payment Tech, and First Data allows us to meet your needs across all platforms and payment solutions equipment.
  • Wholesale Rates allows us to pass savings onto you, our client, who we value.